"Fab advice today at the Triple L share Fair. Thank you for speaking so frankly. The Peonies were beautiful too!"

- Terri Everett, Director (Nelson & Tasman Weddings - The Dream Maker NZ)

We feel very grateful for the help Carla gave us to improve our financial systems; her communication is exemplary.

- Julie Geritzlehner, Co-Owner (Kiwi Pioneer Co Ltd)

"Carla Jehle, operating as Sound Choice Business Support, has been contracted for the past three years to undertake professional bookkeeping of accounts in our intensive horticultural production, fruit packing and marketing business - Growell Marketing Ltd and Family Trust. 

Growell has 5ha growing Pip fruit and Peony flowers, which are packed for local and export sales, along with contract packing and local marketing 200 tons of pears and 80 tons Feijoa from 16 growers in Blenheim and Nelson.

Firstly, Carla has been instrumental in getting all financial records into an electronic form suitable for Xero accounting software, from a largely paper-based system. This now saves time and allows easier and more timely reports and business analysis by me as manager and the accountant.

Carla has also been involved in the development of electronic software to track grower’s fruit from cool storage, through packing, into several local markets for sales, and return payments back to growers. This is now a successful and integral part of our business operation.

Carla has a very pleasant, honest and helpful nature. Carla also pays attention to details that ensure accuracy in her work. Businesses and grower suppliers whom Carla has contacted in her bookkeeping role also appreciate her friendly approach. 

I also appreciate working with Carla and may this continue."

- Dennis Cassidy, Managing Director (Growell Marketing Limited)

"I took part of a cashflow management workshop with Carla.  It was fantastic!  She showed concerc for our specific struggles and did an excellent job catering for our needs, using a simple type of language to explain more complex aspects of accounting.  I found it very encouraging and I truly recommend her work."   

- Participant, Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce Workshop

"I've loved doing Carla's 'Let's Talk Numbers' financial management course for small businesses over the past year - I feel so much more confident with my bookkeeping and I'm much more organized with it all because I have super helpful checklists & processes to refer to!

Last year there was no rush with getting everything together for my tax return for once, I have everything filed electronically in ONE PLACE and I invoice clients MUCH more regularly - all as a result of the training, expert help & guidance from Let's Talk Numbers. Highly recommend!"

- Jacqui Ward, Proactive People Performance

"Carla Jehle has done the accounts for our construction company for over 2 years now. I don't know what I would do without her. She helped me to better organise all this horrible paperwork and sends me lists with purchases, helped with contracts , made inquiries, contacts suppliers directly to clarify invoices etc. A joy to work with her and if you are messy with paperwork like me, she is the bookkeeper you need. All the best."

- Dirk Heffter, Owner Enjoinery Construction

"I met Carla Jehle in early 2014, when one of her bookkeeping clients engaged my services as a Chartered Accountant.

From the beginning I appreciated her forthcoming, proactive communication and thorough
record-keeping, which helped my scoping process with this new client immensely. Over the years I
have experienced Carla’s exemplary bookkeeping and administrative services for several of my

It is a pleasure to work with Carla, not just because of her consistent accountability, high standards
and technical abilities with XERO accounting software, but her professional yet genuine approach to
interaction and cooperation ensures effective accounting procedures and keeps her clients ahead of
the game. Her clients’ paperless offices are in good hands."

- Darren Last-Harris, Owner (French & Last-Harris Chartered Accountants)

"Carla Jehle, as administrator of Sound Choice Business Support, has been responsible for looking after the financial records of The New Zealand Paeony Society Incorporated for the last two years. Our firm is the financial auditor of The New Zealand Paeony Society Incorporated and we have recently completed our audit of their financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2017. 

As independent auditors we are able form an objective view as to the quality of the records that are being maintained. In this respect we have noted that she has kept meticulous records, including the detailed records necessary for ensuring accuracy with the billing of levies to growers. Prior to Carla's involvement, the records were not of the high standard that they are now.
As auditors we have many requests for information and explanations which we have obtained promptly and efficiently from Carla in the last two years. 

I understand that Sound Choice Business Support is applying for an award from the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association and I would not hesitate to recommending Sound Choice Business Care for such an award, based on what we have seen on our audits of The New Zealand Paeony Society Incorporated in the last two years."

- Phillip Trounson, Director (Audit Professionals)

We have worked with Carla and her company Sound Choice Business Support for over 6 years.

During that time as well as providing basic bookkeeping services, Carla has provided solutions to client's needs using new technology and enhancing the solutions used by clients.

This provides a more efficient solution to the client from the time they spend, the time we spend and therefore the cost to the client.

I have no problem recommending clients to Carla as she is always professional and provides a reliable, needs based solution.  We have been able to work with Carla as we move towards a paperless office.

As the accountant profession changes we have found Carla to be adaptable to changes initiated by either the client or ourselves.

- John Murphy, Director (Smart Business Centre Motueka Limited)

Carla and Lenise are great to work with. The really helped with identifying areas that contributed to saving money and were really proactive in helping me manage receipts and expenses.

- Fraser Crichton, Photo Journalist